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controlsourceintl Mencom Control Source International

Mencom Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Electrical Connectors. The Company is ISO 9001:2000 Certified, and has been servicing the industry for over 20 years.
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Panel Interface Connectors

A panel interface connector (PIC) is a device that is mounted to the outside (exterior) of a panel that houses a PLC or computer. The PIC allows the user to interface the PLC or computer without opening the panel door, thereby, eliminating the potential safety hazards associated with having an open electrical panel.

The standard PIC contains one or more of the connectors that are commonly used to interface a PLC, computer or other devices that are commonly housed inside the cabinet. The connectors include, but are not limited to, D-subminiature connectors (9, 15, 25, 37 or high density 15 pin), RJ45, RJ11, DIN, BNC and coaxial connectors. Any of these connectors are available alone in a PIC, with a power outlet, or with another connector.

Currently Mencom has over 2000 different units in production. The catalog shows the most common types used today, if you do not see what you require please contact us. Custom versions are welcome, please send a sketch or drawing to us for a quote.

Cable Glands

Mencom cable glands, also known as cable grips or cord grips, are available in metal or plastic and with Metric, PG, or NPT threading. All Mencom cord grips have a wide clamping range. We carry a large selection of adapters that not only allow you to reduce or enlarge hole sizes, but will allow you to change thread types. Mencom also has many specialty cable glands as well as o-rings, nuts, inserts and plugs.

Valve Series

Mencom Valve connectors are used in a wide variety of applications including pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical motors, packaging, and sensor switches to name a few. Mencom offers configurations for DIN-43650 Form A, Form B and Form C and Industry Standard Form B and Form C. Mencom Valve connectors are available in field wireable, pre-wired and cabled versions to help meet your application needs.

Cables & amp amp Receptacles

Mencom electrical connectors are used in a wide range of industries such as industrial automation, automotive and injection molding to name a few. Mencom Corporation manufactures high quality industrial connectors and receptacles including:  MIN Size I Plugs  and  Receptacles, MIN Size II, MIN Size IIIMicro AC Plugs and Receptacles, Micro DC Plugs and Receptacles, NAN, and Device Net connectors. Since Mencom is the manufacturer, they have the ability to build a part to meet your specific needs.

Ethernet Series

Mencom has a complete line of Industrial Ethernet Connectors. The Etherlink V3 offers an easy to use tool less connection, the MDE45 series offers a quick connect M12 connection with either the D-code 4 pole insert or the MDC 8 pole. Both over-molded connectors use the standard M12 coupling nut. Mencom also carries a complete line of mating receptacles for these product lines.& amp nbsp Starts on& amp nbsp page 17 of the link to the left.

Junction Boxes

Mencom Multi-Port Junction Blocks are available in Micro(M12), MIN, and NAN(PICO or M8) styles. Offering a wide range of products, some blocks can accommodate up to 24 sensors or switches. They can be ordered with a variety of trunk line connections including a new designed fieldwireable 4, 6,or 8 port block. The Micro(M12) blocks can be order for AC or DC configurations, and wired for PNP, or NPN logic.

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